Are you a current smoker who wishes to stop smoking?

Would you be interested in being supported in your stop smoking attempt by an experienced advisor and use either e-cigarettes or the NHS stop smoking services?

Sheffield Hallam University is undertaking an ethically-approved study, funded by Heart Research UK that will explore the effects of e-cigarettes on the arteries and small veins in people making a stop-smoking attempt.

All participants will be randomly allocated to one of the three study groups. In one group, participants will receive free nicotine-rich e-cigarettes and refills for a 3-month period as well as advice on how to successfully stop smoking. In another group, participants will receive similar advice as well as complimentary, nicotine-free e-cigarettes and refills for a 3-month period. Finally, one group of participants will be referred to the NHS stop smoking services and will be reimbursed by the research team for their stop smoking prescription expenses.

Participation in the study will be free and assessments will take place in Collegiate Hall in Collegiate Crescent Campus of Sheffield Hallam University. 

Recruitment has now started, click here to see if you are eligible to join the study, click here for more information, or use the contact details below.

E-cigarettes study Contact Details:
Dr. Gareth Jones: 0114 225 4312,

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